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cinidb.africa is a curated online directory listing experienced and skilled film professionals in Africa and film professionals of African origin in the Diaspora.

cinidb.africa features reliable and up-to-date information about film professionals’ skills and competencies, location, filmographies and contact details.

cinidb.africa aims to become the first port for independent filmmakers planning to shoot in another country, production companies looking for co-producers or servicing partners, commissioning editors in search of producers.

In addition to listing directors, producers and acting talent, cinidb.africa is also a reliable source for information about cinematographers, makeup-artists, sound-mixers or set-designers, agents etc., thus ensuring the visibility of indispensable categories of professionals, who often fall under the radar.

cinidb’s main objective is to promote and facilitate international collaborations between highly skilled film professionals in Africa and beyond, and to prevent that inability to find qualified people will never be the reason for film- or TV projects failing to see the light of day.

In addition to information about film professionals, cinidb.africa will also include information:

re; film education on the African continent, market news, incl. information about film festivals and film markets, funding calls as well as production- related news and profiles of featured professionals.