A wave? a myth? a creative movement? or just a group of film buffs making them? So many
questions. Is it a result of a system that support cinema production? Efficient film trainings? Or one
rising from an established cinema culture?
What is certain is that there is an emergence of the Rwandese cinema, and its repercussions has
resulted in the coining of the term “The Rwandese New Wave”, certainly from outside.
This is a practical conversation with a close look into what’s happening in the Rwandese film scene.
The key speakers being active filmmakers of the scene. We will analyse its foundation and strengths, its fragilities and obstacles, and finally its future and sustainability.

Kivu Ruhorahoza
Amelia Umuhire
Ganza Moise
Joel Karekezi

Moderated by:
Samuel Ishimwe (Imitana Productions)
The Talk is curated by Imitana Productions in collaboration with the Goethe-Institut Rwanda, The Rwanda Film Office and the CINIDB platform.


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