Black Mic Mac, a new financing and coproduction structure

Pape Boye and Logical Pictures team-up to launch Black Mic Mac, a new financing and coproduction outfit focusing on African talents

Pape Boye (previous co-managing director of sales company Versatile) and Frédéric Fiore (President of Logical Pictures) launch Black Mic Mac, a new venture within the Logical Pictures Group. Based in Paris, the company will focus on packaging, international coproduction, and sales of scripted content (TV and film) brought by African talents and producers.

The creation of Black Mic Mac is the result of the bold international editorial policy of the Logical Pictures Group, and demonstrates the shared ambition to support the thriving African creative TV and film landscape.

In order to strengthen the company’s growth, Pape Boye will be working with Nicola Ofoego, who will assist him in acquisitions for Black Mic Mac.  

"I am very pleased and proud to be partnering with Frédéric. The enthusiasm and vitality of Logical Pictures Group create an ideal environment for the development of Black Mic Mac. Our common goal is to promote African talents and to accompany them in ambitious projects." said Pape Boye, head of Black Mic Mac.

“Pape is a widely renown professional in the industry. This project is a new step in his desire to work closely with emerging talents in Africa and we are very proud to partner in this endeavor. More than ever, the vitality and the creativity of the African film and TV landscape has proven to bring original and universal stories to audiences across Africa and globally.”said Logical Pictures Group President Frédéric Fiore.

Black Mic Mac launches with a partnership with Kourtrajmé school in Dakar and the production of the new film by South African director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer

Black Mic Mac and Logical Content Ventures, the film and TV co-production fund of Logical Pictures Group, are joining forces with Kourtrajmé for the launch of a new film school in Senegal. Through this partnership, Logical Content Ventureswill benefit from a first look deal to co-produce and finance projects developed by the school’s upcoming students. Black Mic Mac will act as distribution partner on certain projects.

The school offers free and open training in the audiovisual and cinema field, with no diploma requirements. The Kourtrajmé-labeled training offers theoretical and practical classes to develop the knowledge and skills necessary to produce a film. The school aims to foster equal opportunities in the audiovisual industry, and professional integration to a larger extent, through a project-oriented pedagogy.

The school was inaugurated on Wednesday January 19, 2022, in the presence of Ladj Ly, co-founder of the Kourtrajmé collective, Toumani and Emma Sangaré, co-directors of the school, and has actor, director and producer Omar Sy as mentor.

From left to right: Toumani Sangare (co-director of the school and founding member of the Kourtrajmé collective), Emma Sangare (co-director of the school), Pape Boye (founder of Black Mic Mac) and Ladj Ly (director and founding member of the Kourtrajmé collective).

Black Mic Mac will be partnering with SK Global Entertainment/Ivanohe and BlueLight to produce HALO DAZE, South African director Sibs Shongwe-La Mer’s second feature film after NECKTIE YOUTH, which premiered at the Berlinale in 2015.

Pape Boye and Frédéric Fiore will be acting as executive producers, and Black Mic Mac will handle international sales. HALO DAZE will kick-off shooting in February 2022.


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