Zimbabwe, Sudan, Egypt, Ethiopia

at L'Atelier Cannes 2022

The Atelier (The Workshop) is hosting its eighteenth edition this year and will invite to the Cannes Film Festival 16 directors whose film projects have been deemed particularly promising.

From May 22 to 27, meetings will be organized with the directors for professionals interested in their projects.

Anna Ist - Rosanne Pel - The Netherlands

Chimbo cheBere (The Hyenas Song) (ex Akashinga) - Naishe Nyamubaya - Zimbabwe

Cotton Queen - Suzannah Mirghani - Sudan

Guria - Levan Koguashvili - Georgia

Hamlet from the Slums - Ahmed Fawzi Saleh - Egypt

Made In EU - Stephan Komandarev - Bulgaria

Philax - Rûken TekeĊŸ - Turkey

Sam - E del Mundo - Philippines

The Beer Girl In Yangon - Sein Lyan Tun - Myanmar

The Blind Ferryman - Ali Al-Fatlawi - Iraq/Switzerland

The Doubt - Ihab Jadallah - Palestine/Israel

The Forest - Tomas Weinreb & Petr Kazda - Czech Republic

The Last Tears Of The Deceased - Beza Hailu Lemma - Ethiopia

Where The River Begins - Juan Andres Arango - Colombia

You Are My Everything - Michal Vinik - Israel

This year's Festival de Cannes will take place from 17 to the 28 May, 2022.

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