Frequently Asked Questions

What does CiniDB.Africa mean?
African Cinema information database. ‘Cini’ in Twi, also means ‘film’

What is CiniDB.Africa?
CiniDB.Africa is the home of reliable and easily accessible information about experienced African professionals in the continent’s audiovisual industries. It is also a window into film and TV education in Africa.

How did you choose the site’s languages?
For now CiniDB.Africa will be in English soon in French and Portuguese but we are not gonna stop here. The language list is not final.

Who can register on CiniDB.Africa?
Experienced professionals whose works have been publicly exhibited and educators working in the areas of film and TV education across genres including but not limited to features, documentaries, XR, animation and more. These include but are not limited to to actors, directors, screenwriters, producers, critics, technicians, fixers, production managers, line producers, CGI Specialists, composers, sound designers, costumiers, make-up artists, wardrobe assistants et c.

Who is CiniDB.Africa’s target audience?
CiniDB.Africa is aimed at film professionals, researchers, media content enthusiasts with a particular interest in African audiovisual content or looking for experienced collaborators active on the continent.

How many films make one eligible to qualify?
It is not the number of films but proof that one or more films have been exhibited at a festival or related public screenings. Recommendation by a professional production company is also welcome.

Is it restricted to films? Or are TV commercials eligible? And other work that attest to one’s skills?
TV commercials and all related audiovisual content are eligible. Professionals can decide what they choose to enter as their preferred information on the site. Commercials included.

Is the platform open to non-professionals searching for professional contacts and information?
Part of the information is open to the public. Information within the film schools network is available for aspiring film professionals preparing to get into the trade.

Would you have to subscribe to be able to access information on the platform?
Subscription is free and all users can access information on the site. Registered users can also modify their information. You can also select what part of your profile to make public. There will also be options to change/choose a language preference.

How do I know that the information on CiniDB.Africa is correct and up to date?
The information on CiniDB.Africa is verified by administrators

How will you verify the level of expertise from the members?
This will be done by identifying a strong, professional and well-connected curatorial team (that is equally aware of and responsible for ensuring the site’s information is accurate and up-to-date). Recommendation by colleagues is also welcome in order to ensure that the platform is properly populated. The site operates based on credibility and this influences how suggestions and recommendations can be requested from friends. The main premise being that these are experienced people who can be more or less successful on their projects and the site itself becomes a marker for who is reliable or not.

What would be done once it is confirmed that someone has input false information?
It would be amended.

Can third parties access featured profiles?
No third parties will have access to account information, eMail conversation or storage. But all information provided will be  public if not stated otherwise. 


Who has proprietary ownership or control of the online directory?
Ownership of the CiniDB.Africa online directory is currently with Goethe-Institut, with the possibility for future partnerships with relevant networks and institutions.

What level of user protection is provided by the site? How can we guarantee that our details won’t be sold to social media platforms and people who want to send us spam?
The database is hand-coded, and selectable only where you want it to be seen. The server is hosted in Germany and thus covered by European data protection laws. If the site moves outside Europe, the integrity and intentions will retain the same standard and if that is broken then it is still covered by the European law. All information you put in is your copyright and data, and governed by German laws. It cannot be resold by the platform. User information will not be sold. It is important that we keep the users’ trust. All the data that you don’t make visible is not sellable but what is visible on the site can be harvested.

Are there any similar resources already available with this kind of information for African filmmakers?
CiniDB.Africa aims to provide a comprehensive directory of experienced professionals with an emphasis on quality rather than quantity. CiniDB.Africa is a platform that features experienced and renowned industry professionals; those with acclaimed and known portfolio to their names. It will exist alongside and as a complement to similar online platforms.

A number of similar databases existed previously but have disappeared over time without further buzz. How will CiniDB.Africa be sustained?
Apart from the professional directory, the platform will feature news updated frequently by a skilled team of critics and curators. Marketing strategies include being present at major film markets and spreading word about the platform.

What are the plans for revenue generation and the site’s sustainability.
Premium revenue models and third-party funding options are being considered towards ensuring the site’s sustainability. There will be timelines to assess milestones and the success of the platform at various stages. However, what is free for now will remain free for as long as the platform exists. Hopefully, it will still be funded by public money in coming years.

I already use various platforms, what does this new platform offer?
Is it for personal or professional use?
The platform is person- and company-based. Information across the site is interlinked and you can access all information relating to you and your company.

Do I have to give CiniDB.Africa a commission if I get hired via the site?

What will be highlighted?
Person or Company. It would be important to find individuals and skills according to country et c. Interlinked search functions on CiniDB.Africa will make it easy to find someone using filters such as name, function, company, country et c. Search functions available on CiniDB.Africa make access easier across preferred options.

Do you also consider yourself as a promoter for all the people on this platform i.e getting jobs or requesting pitches via this platform?
Yes. CiniDB.Africa aims to serve as a professional point of making people work together. CiniDB.Africa is also considering partnerships with festivals and film markets. The core function for now is to serve as an information tool and database.

Can institutions be able to create and manage students’ profiles prior to their graduation? Is there a way to give them ratings?
Film schools themselves can maintain a page featuring their students’ projects but the students would only qualify as users when they turn professional.

What’s the intended capacity you envisage for this?
CiniDB.Africa would be happy with a reasonable database of credible and verified professionals working on the continent and in the diaspora. The focus is on quality rather than quantity.

Will CiniDB.Africa be available as an app across platforms?

Who can add films onto the platform?
Directors and producers of the respective films. Who can add festivals? Curators of the festival.

Who can add information of schools?
The educators of the respective schools and institutions.

How can I delete my profile?
Send an email to support@cinidb.africa and your profile will be deleted from the website within 14 days.