7/28/2021, English

Murder in Paris

“Five” Feet Underground!

7/28/2021, English

I, Mary

It's an intimate study of suffering and redemption

7/27/2021, English


Journalisme cinéma et Critique de film

7/21/2021, English

Trois questions à Ori Huchi Kuzia, réalisateur, Congo Brazz

Only available in french, please switch to french to read.

6/30/2021, English

Durban International Film Festival screens Durban FilmMart Alumni Projects

(Press Release, Industry News, Festival)

6/26/2021, English

Triggerfish Animation and Netflix announce Story Artist Lab for African animators

(Industry news, Opportunities, Animation)

6/25/2021, English

The Last Shelter

Un documentaire humaniste plein d’empathie

6/25/2021, English

I am Samuel

When Loving is a Crime