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Mugambi Nthiga

Director, Film Curator, Film Journalist, Actor, Screenwriter

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Mugambi is an actor, writer, director and storyteller. His career began in Nairobi's theatre scene in the early 2000's, appearing in local and foreign plays and musicals. His acting career would later grow during a brief stint in America in the late 2000's, where he worked in Philadelphia's theatre and indie film scene. On returning to Kenya, he landed principal roles in celebrated Kenyan films 'Nairobi Half Life' (2012) and 'Stories Of Our Lives (2014). He then went on to co-write the award-winning feature films 'Kati Kati' (2016) as well as 'Supa Modo' (2018). His feature directorial debut 'Lusala' (2019) premiered at the NBO Film Festival in 2019, and at the International Film Festival Rotterdam in 2020. He also works in the Kenyan theatre scene, his proudest work being 'Too Early For Birds: Mboya', a biographical storytelling project on Kenya's most renowned trade unionist and statesman, and he is part of an improv comedy collective called 'Because You Said So'.