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Yara Costa Pereira [Yara Costa]

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I was born in the eighties during a civil war that devastated my country for sixteen years. At the time there was no television and cinema was a distant reality. My first encounter with that universe happened randomly, when I was cast to star in one of the first big film productions in Mozambique. But it was only years later, after leaving Mozambique and graduating in film and journalism school in Brazil, that I started to be aware of and bothered by the general perception that people had of my country and of the African continent as a whole, because of what they saw and especially what they didn’t see on the screen. I realized then that years of misrepresentation had helped build a false and negative narrative about Africans and their nations and that was also at the base of an everlasting vicious dynamics of power between the North and the South that remains till today. To change it we have to start changing the way we see ourselves by taking our pens and cameras and telling our stories. Being an African filmmaker is more than telling our own stories to the world; it is also looking backwards at ourselves, understanding who we are, and making our own decisions about the what we future want. Yara is an African woman filmmaker working on stories about identity. She directs and produces. Her work reflects her own questionings about the reality of post-colonial contemporary Africa and through cinema she wants share her vision of the world. Her latest film, Between God and I, tells the story of Karen, a Muslim independent young woman who advocates for Sharia in the diverse Island of Mozambique but is filled with doubts and contradictions about her identity and the community she lives in. The film travelled around 40 countries and has been screened in different international film festivals. After an extension course, at the film school in Cuba, back in 2011, she directed and produced The Crossing, for Aljazeera English Network Television, a short film about the tensions between Haiti and the Dominican Republic, told through the personal story of a 16-year-old Haitian student who jumps the border daily to go to school. Her first film, directed and produced by her, Why are they here? Chinese Stories in Africa, evolved around the personal stories of 3 Chinese immigrants in different parts of Africa. Yara is currently working on 3 different projects, including a feature narrative, by a pan-African collective co-produced between Mozambique and South Africa and a multimedia project about the musical heritage of the coastal people of Mozambique and the cultural genocide cause the by current violent war in the north of the country.


"Between God and I" got an Achievement in Documentary Short award, Sillicon Valley African Film Festival,