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Mohamed Tarek [Tarek]

Producer, Film Critic, Festival Programming

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Mohamed Tarek is an Egyptian film critic, programmer and member of the Egyptian Film Critics Association (EFCA), who writes for many online websites, and print newspapers and magazines such as Ida2at, El Film Magazine, and Daily News Egypt. In addition, he is among the alumni of prestigious film programmes such as Durban Talents (2020) and Beirut-Locarno Academy (2021).
In 2020, he was selected to be part of Durban Talents.
Additionally, he served (and still) in different positions in various film festivals such as a Film Programmer and the Head of film review committee at El Gouna Film Festival (2021) Q&A coordinator and programmer of the Mexican retrospective program at Cairo International Film Festival (2019-2020).
He is also managing the Cinema project held by El Nahda association for cultural renaissance. The Cinema project includes an independent film school in Cairo, a documentary film school in Upper Egypt (Luxor), a specialized publication about cinema named El Film Magazine, and Southern Tales workshops which is a mobile documentary film workshop.
He was also selected among various juries such as FIBRESCI jury at 9th Luxor African film festival, and Arab Cinema Center Jury for best European film at its 2nd edition, in addition to being selected in Arab Cinema Center Jury for best Arab Film 2021.