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Gwamaka Mwabuka [Brother Gee]

Producer, Director, 3D Animator

English   Swahili  
Dar es Salaam


Gwamaka is a self-taught film director and producer from Dar es Salaam, Tanzania. He holds a bachelor’s degree in computer science. He is a co-founder of Tai Studio, a pioneer animation studio in East Africa producing animation films to inspire youth and children to take positive action. His work as a director and producer is marked by music and an authentic Tanzanian lifestyle.
Gwamaka’s first year in college (2009) ushered his interest and passion content production, whereby he began producing short videos for a youth NGO, AIESEC—as a volunteer. In 2015, while doing a white-collar internship in India, he found his purpose and voice in filmmaking, addressing social issues and produced his first short, BRING THE LIGHT, a story about racial discrimination on expatriates in India.
Consequently, this inspired Gwamaka and his co-founder, leading to storytelling for positive social change becoming an inspiration to start a Tai Studio in 2016. Through Tai Studio, he has managed to direct and produce over 15 3D animation short films and music videos, which makes him among the first and most successful young talents to emerge in the Tanzanian digital creative industry. Gwamaka’s stellar performance in his craft, made him win 1st place in UNFPA Innovation Accelerator, Data for Local Impact Challenge, and a number of Challenges to fight diseases on screen. In 2021 his studio received a Best Animation award from the Tanzania Film Festival Award through his film Nivushe.
Since early November 2021, he has been very inspired to create virtual reality content and this got him to start working on his first 360-degree animated video series Onyesha, which is a virtual cultural tour through Tanzania tribes. Currently working with a team of 20 creatives, he has produced one prototype video Boma la Tsalimi which is about Maasai culture.


Tanzania Film Festival Award 2021
1st place in UNFPA Innovation Accelerator,
Data for Local Impact Challenge,