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Brian Obra [Brian Obra]

Producer, Video Editor, Film Editor, Director, Director of Photography, Screenwriter, Drone Videographer

English   Swahili   Embu   Kikuyu   Meru  


Brian Antony Karani, popularly referred to as “Brian Obra” is a Kenyan filmmaker who started off purely as a Documentary Cinematographer, and slowly added Director, Writer and Producer to his name.
Obra has worked on award winning/internationally acclaimed Docufilms from across the continent, most notably The Last Born (Malawi), Fela Kuti (Nigeria), The Leading Edge (UG, TZ, KE) among others. On top of that, he has written/directed/shot short fiction films from Kenya that have gone on to receive global accolades,, most recently Love Zawadi and Blurred.
He defines his style as “Experimenting with Lights, Sights and Sounds, to compellingly aid the narrative and create a lasting impact by evoking emotion and posing questions”.
Obra’s daily mantra is to create pieces that traverse social boundaries such as culture, language and beliefs by spotlighting inspirational characters and phenomenons for social change.


Kenya Press Photo Awards 2017, Creative Category
Kisima Music and Film Awards, Best Short Film Africa
Ladima Foundation Film Festival, Short Film Winner