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Bashir Lukonge




Bashir Lukonge, is a Ugandan Coffee Barista. He was born on 11th May, in Mubende. He grew up in Mubende and later on moved to Kampala, Uganda where he was raised by a single mother.
He attended a class of 2008 at Butega Church of Uganda Primary School Mityana for his primary level of Education, He went to St. Joseph's Secondary School Busega class of 2012 and St. Matia Mulumba Secondary School Kassanda class of 2014 for his secondary level of education. He joined Tourism Institute of East Africa and pursued a Certificate in Coffee Barista Training.
Bashir Lukonge started his career as a Coffee Barista at a teenage in Kampala. He got connected to most of the popular Coffee Baristas such as Ochen Simon Eidodo and the best coffee producers in Uganda.
The Future looks so bright for Bashir Lukonge because ever since he appeared in this professional, he has maintained a constant presence.


Certificate in Coffee Barista Training at Tourism Institute of East Africa